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Raising a Red Sox Fan

Hearing of a recent record breaking come-from-behind win by the Boston Red Sox, I am reminded of when we brought Logan to his first Red Sox game. He was six years old, and the Sox were playing the Orioles.

Unfortunately, the game was not going very well and the Red Sox were getting crushed. Logan looked dejected, particularly because right behind us was a loud, obnoxious, 20-something Orioles fan who didn’t care that his guest (his mom) was a Red Sox fan nor that he was ruining my son’s first game experience (of which he was informed). I’ve rarely seen nor heard a more annoying fan in my life. His poor mother had to keep making excuses for him.

While in line for the bathroom, an older woman asked Logan “So, who do you think is going to win the game?” Logan looked at me dolefully then looked at the woman and said in a resigned voice, “The Orioles.” This woman replied (and I will always love her for this), “A true fan knows that the Red Sox can always come back. You have to believe!”

Back at our seats, it was the bottom of the 9th. The Orioles decided to pull the pitcher, much to the horror or our neighborhood Orioles fan. At that point, the runs just kept on coming – one, two, three, four – the Sox with 2 outs – five runs in! Pandemonium! The Red Sox win!

It was the Mother’s Day Miracle game, and remembering it still brings tears to my eyes. There were lots of Jurnaks jumping, with Logan in my husband’s arms, and one very quiet Orioles fan sitting in his seat in sheer disbelief. I looked at my son. He didn’t say a word. He just turned his head, looked at that guy, gave a little smirk to himself, looked back at the field, and kept bouncing in his father’s arms. Another die-hard Red Sox fan was born.



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