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French Fries

This past weekend we took my Man in Training to a "Day out with Thomas" at the North Conway Scenic Railroad in northern New Hampshire. My Man in Training LOVES trains. Out of the first 100 words he spoke, probably about 75 of them were train words. Trains are our life.

So we made the 5 hour roundtrip journey to meet Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt. It was a wonderful day. When we arrived and he saw Thomas he jumped up in the air and shouted "YES!" My husband and I were very proud that we had arranged this day for him.

Then we got home. Fletcher as of late has begun telling his lovey, a very ragged looking monkey who is loved so much that he has a hole in his face, all about his daily experiences. I always look forward to coming home now to see what Fletcher will have to tell him about our day.

So, we get home after our amazing, spectacular day with Thomas. My expectations were high for the story to his monkey. I was expecting stories of his train ride, his handshake with Sir Topham Hatt, and the dozens of train tables we saw. Fletcher grabs his lovey and very excitedly tells him, "Monkey! I ate french fries!"

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