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Diagnosis: He's a Man in Training

This is a guest blog by Lindsay Conley, mom of a 6 year old Man in Training in Arkansas.

My son, Beck, was born in 2006. When he arrived, his heart was racing so fast they had to keep him in observation in the NICU. After his heart rate normalized, he somehow developed pneumonia, and he had to receive antibiotics intravenously through a tube stuck in his head. And then, he developed jaundice and had to receive light therapy. Beck had to stay in the NICU for 12 days. I was stunned that my baby boy had so many health problems. I had taken my prenatal vitamins, gone to all my doctor’s appointments, and limited myself to one Little Debbie per day during my pregnancy. I had even given up eating baked potatoes stuffed with jalapenos (do jalapenos cause babies distress in utero? My guess is yes!). One day, as I sat in the Parent Room at the hospital talking with Beck’s pediatrician, I expressed my astonishment at all his problems. That’s when I learned a new medical term, straight from the mouth of his doctor: “Wimpy white male syndrome.” Suddenly it all became clear. I had given birth to a male - a wimpy, white, male. I had flashbacks of my sweet husband, pitifully couch-ridden with each case of the sniffles. Yes, my baby boy was most certainly a man in training.

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