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Surviving Motherhood by Reviving Man in Training

I just got a cold bucket of water splashed in my face, and I liked it.

Hawking t-shirts is tough. Retail shops are struggling and getting folks to your on-line shop is WORK. After taking a seminar on website development from the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE), I decided to get connected with a SCORE representative who might be able to guide me through the complicated world of E-Commerce. I was lucky to have a meeting with 2 amazing volunteers.

After downloading on them the life story of Man In Training and all its ups and downs, they offered their advice. Cue the bucket of water... maybe I shouldn’t be hawking t-shirts.

Man In Training was born at the bus stop when a neighbor boy was running around collecting rocks and sticks and simply creating general chaos. I looked at him and told him he was a Man in Training. “That’s a good idea for a t-shirt,” said my t-shirt printer neighbor.

But, really, Man in Training is more than a t-shirt. It’s a call to action. As some of you know, I grew up with sisters and my daughter was my first-born. I know how to handle girls – their drama, their see-saw emotions, their whims and fancies. I was one of them. Then, the boy came along. Time for me to be on my toes! I finally understood the phrase “needing eyes in the back of your head!” I mean, who are these creatures??

Whoa!  What are you putting in the toilet?
Wait!  Don’t you dare take your Big Wheel down that steep hill!
Hey!  Leave the dog alone!


There was nothing emotional about this guy. All upfront and all action! Just like his dad.

So, as the SCORE volunteers suggested, it’s time for us here at Man In Training to get back to our roots – THERAPY. Group therapy for us moms. Man in Training is here to share stories about our boys’ crazy antics, to tell each other, “yes, I feel your pain – my son did the same thing!”. In short, Man in Training is here to help moms survive motherhood.

We are the double x’s raising the xy’s. That is a monumental task! We need help!! Let’s get through this together. Email us at if you have a story to share, a picture of your Man In Training being, well, a Man in Training, or a recommendation for a toy, an activity, or a favorite wine, that will help us keep our sanity. We will post our favorites on our website.

And, don’t worry, you can always find our vast selection of t-shirts here at . I mean, what’s better for the soul than retail therapy? You can dress your Man in Training and have a good laugh too, all while supporting the cause. May I recommend the “plumber?” – the reason they invented the toilet lock!

Finally, I want to give one last shout out to the SCORE volunteers, Bob and Jack, who helped me to realize what I already knew. It’s not about the t-shirt. It’s about the journey. Their moms would be proud to know that their Men in Training grew up to be wonderful and supportive men (though, arguably, may still be in training).


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  • Shelby on

    I completely agree with your new found friends, Bob and Jack! We all have a journey we want to share and most of us need help along the way. I’m happy to hear you’re reviving the blog. I only have women in training but I truly enjoy the stories and camaraderie.

  • Judy on

    Loved it!

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