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Thankful For Our Boys

I have been asked a few times by my cousin to contribute a blog post for Man in Training. To be honest, I find the idea overwhelming. There is so much going on as the mom of two sons - some terribly amusing and some downright terrifying moments – how do you pick just a few to share?

There was the day my oldest broke his three year-old brother’s arm because sticking out his leg as his little brother ran by seemed funny to the two of them at the time, but tripping him into the couch and breaking his wrist was not as amusing to the mother who spent four hours in the emergency room with him.

Another event…the younger brother insisting that his older brother REQUESTED a poke in the eye. If you are the mother of boys, you will understand why I actually felt the need to ask if this was indeed the case prior to dishing out the punishment.

It has, honestly, been an amazing ride. I somehow have advanced to being the mother of a 16 year-old high school junior and a 20 year-old fourth year college student. Along the way there have been many tears – happy and sad. We have learned and grown together and I wouldn’t trade these opportunities for anything on this planet.

I will, however, warn you – the tears shed putting your five year-old on the bus to go to kindergarten are nothing compared with the tears shed and emptiness you feel depositing this same man-child off at college. The only similarity is the pride you feel from the moment you give birth and for the rest of their lives in every accomplishment, the big and the small.

Contributed by Susan Gosselin. Not only is Susan my cousin, but a quick-witted humorist wrapped inside a loving, beautiful woman. She is an office manager at an addiction clinic for the elderly, a part-time student, and single mom to two "very tall testosterone transporters."

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