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We marry them, we give birth to them, but we will never understand
them. Men.
I find that I look at my son and I just cannot understand what makes
him tick. As a double X, I just don’t get the “Y”.
But, we love them. How can’t you? We fell in love with and married
their dads. And our sons are just miniatures of their dads. In fact,
watching our sons grow up give us a little insight into what makes the
other men in our lives tick. Honestly, sometimes I just have to shake
my head and laugh. Because, honestly, if I didn’t laugh, I’d cry...
So, here is the laughter. Since we can’t understand them, why not just
celebrate them. Let’s depict some of their craziest feats and put them
on a t-shirt so they can wear them as a Man in Training label. Kind of
like a warning. Like we have for a “student driver.” Everyone around
him, BEWARE.
And, we all have stories to share. Here is a place where you can tell us
all about them, and we will understand. The funny tales, the scary
scenarios, the endearing anecdotes. We want to hear them all.
Because we need to know we are not alone.
It is a big responsibility raising these little guys. We want them to grow
up to be the type of men we’d let our daughters marry. And we need
to do it without so much as an inkling of what possesses them to do
some of the things they do.
But we struggle on. For our little man. Our Man in Training